Saturday, January 1, 2011

Considering a career path.

I've been thinking a lot about how much being a mother means to me. How much I love learning about anything maternity related. So now I'm looking into a possible future career. I'm interested in becoming a lactation consultant as well as a placenta encapsulation specialist (PSE). What placenta encapsulation entails is after a woman gives birth you take the placenta and dehydrate it or dry it out in some manner and then grind it up to make capsules to take during the post partum period, not unlike taking a prenatal vitamin. The beauty of these pills is that they are made for your body by your body. During the last trimester of pregnancy a woman's body secretes 3 times the usual amount of hormones, then after the baby is born she has a drastic drop in the amount of hormones produced, which is the main cause of "the baby blues". These capsules help replace the hormones lost until the body then resumes usual hormone production once again. They also restore iron levels and contain a great deal of protein. They contain oxytocin which is a natural stress and pain reliever, making the transition into motherhood an easier one. They also have a beneficial affect on a woman's milk supply. I'm hoping to start taking the courses soon for this fulfilling career. As a woman who suffered from severe baby blues and then a bout of post partum depression I would love to be able to help other women avoid those awful feelings. I know a lot of people consider the topic of the placenta to be controversial but it is the most amazing organ, it is what gave life and nourished us all on our journey into this world and I hope people will realize this and stop treating it as "medical waste" and give it the respect it deserves.

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