Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boy Oh Boy!

On April 6th we went to Orlando to Winnie Palmer hospital to have a consultation with high risk and to have our anatomy scan. Everyone had been guessing girl but deep down I thought boy. At first little fetus face would not show us the goods, the ultrasound tech had me roll onto my side which was enough to get our baby to show us that we're having another boy! You can watch our gender reveal video that we made for our family here. When I found out our first child was a boy when every fiber of my being said girl I was devastated, I actually cried when I got home from his ultrasound. This time I'm not as disappointed. I'm not sure if the reason for that is because since I have Eldin I know how sweet and precious little boys can be. Or maybe since my intuition was correct this time I was more mentally prepared for the news. I still want a little girl so badly and Blake and I have decided to try again in 3-5 years. We've discussed adopting a girl which is what we will most likely do. I know a lot of people frown upon you when you have a strong gender preference but I don't feel our family would be complete without a daughter. I'm trying to be as open and honest as I can be with this blog and hoping that I will not be looked down upon because of the views I express. So now let's get to the fun part.... ultrasound pictures!
 This baby is a lot more calm than Eldin was, I can even tell by his heartrate. Eldin never had a lower rate than 153, this baby is most often in the 140's.

I love that on this pic despite the three arrows and "I'm a boy!" written on it my mother in law still said she didn't know what it was. I guess she needs new glasses.
                                          I love love love little tiny baby feet.

                                           Fetus Face!
                                      We never got good spine pics like this of Eldin, I love it!

Unfortunately we did not get any good profile pics of this baby because of the position he was in. I was disappointed because I wanted to see how his profile compared to Eldin's. I'm hoping this child favors my features more. Everyone says Eldin is a good mix of mine and Blake's features but they also say he looks way more like Blake. I just want one of my children to look more like me. I guess that is all for this post. Talk to you again soon!

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