Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My journey with cloth diapers.

 I though I would share my journey on the path of cloth diapering.

Somehow I think I always knew I would use cloth. I used to make my own flat diapers for my dolls with blankets and safety pins, information I had gathered from cartoons no less. Everyone I had ever known in real life had used disposables.  I've always been the "hippie" of my family. A title I've come to wear proudly. When I found out I was pregnant with my first son Eldin I began devouring any info on parenting styles I could find. I was determined to be the perfect mommy. Then when I'd finally gotten over breast vs bottle, co-sleeping vs crib,  vaccines vs not using vaccines I finally started thinking about how I was going to diaper my sweet little bundle of joy. I began with a few simple google searches and I was in love with how cute modern day cloth diapers are!

I posed the idea of cloth diapering to Blake and to my overwhelming joy he said it sounded like a fantastic idea, especially when I pointed out the cost savings to him. So through meetup.com I found a local cloth diapering information group who had a meeting coming up and I RSVP'd to it. I was so excited to meet other people who used cloth diapers and to get to see and touch the diapers I was interested in. The group was run by a WAHM (work at home mom) Carissa, she was so sweet and informative. I highly recommend you check out her site here. At that meeting Blake and I decided we loved FuzziBunz one size pocket diapers. Mostly Blake made the decision because he loved the snaps instead of velcro and buying an adjustable one size meant more cost savings.

A few weeks after the meeting I placed my order with Carissa. I bought all the boy/gender neutral colored fuzzibunz one size diapers she had in stock, a total of 7 diapers. I had never been more excited to make a baby purchase. We still needed at minimum 5 more diapers preferably 17 more to build a comfortable stash. Unfortunately Blake and I were not good spenders at the time, we thought our family would buy some for us for our baby shower but no one did. They didn't give us any diapers cloth or disposable.

When Eldin was finally born we used the disposables in the hospital and took home as many as we could since we were really broke. When those ran out we bought another pack since we were waiting for his umbilical cord  stump to fall off and he was not quite at the right weight to fit in the cloth diapers. We started using our cloth diapers finally although we used them very sporadically at first because we just did not have enough in our stash without having to wash diapers twice a day. We went on with this pattern for about 4-5 MONTHS before I fianlly had money to buy more. I ended up buying a flip daypack, an econobum cover and 3 prefolds, a snappi, some more rockin green samples and I recieved 2 free Kawaii one size diapers with my purchase. All was going great with cloth diapering once we had more diapers.
                               Eldin in one of his flip covers with a snappi'd prefold underneath.

Enter the dreaded HE washing machine. Previously in our apartment we had a normal run of the mill washer and dryer and our diapers always came out looking clean and smelling clean. Now that we live with my mother in law she has one of those high efficiency washing machines and I hate that thing with a firey passion!  I'm currently battling major ammonia stink issues and while soaking overnight in rockin green has helped I'm still trying to completely erradicate the ammonia. It is not entirely the washer's fault because I did use unapproved laundry detergent when I was too lazy to order more rockin green but the washer is my biggest opponent.

Anyways that is the story of my sometimes Love/Hate but mostly LOVE relationship with cloth diapers. I hope to share more of my journey with you as we're coming upon a new chapter of having two children in cloth diapers. Hopefully things go a lot smoother this time!

                      How can you not fall in love with cloth diapers when babies look this cute in them?


  1. Lol. I have tons of cloth diapers that we never use. They were intended as burp rags, and now they just sit in my towel closet. Lol

  2. It's great that your husband is with you on it. I've never managed to sell it to my husband. He'd put a disposable on every time he was taking the kids out without me. At least he didn't mind what I do, as long as he doesn't have to do it, too. Following you from cloth diapering bloggers.